"Achieving fitness is a journey, not a destination"

-- Katie Savage

Despite a $40 billion dollar-a-year diet industry, 50% of Americans are still overweight. Moreover, excess pounds can lead to high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol levels, and heart disease. The good news is that regular exercise and proper nutrition help alleviate these conditions.

What Exercise can do for you:

  • Increase bone density. Studies show the best way to avoid osteoporosis for men and women is regular weight-resistance exercise.

  • Creates sense of accomplishment, reduces stress and improves sleep, all of which are the building blocks of self-esteem.

  • Increases metabolism and energy levels.

What Katie can do for you:

  • Encourage and motivate you to exercise.

  • Ease your anxiety about exercising.

  • Create realistic and attainable goals.

  • Provide education on fitness and nutrition.

  • Develop exercise efficiency.

  • Allows you to exercise in privacy.

Achieving optimal fitness is a journey, not a destination. As a 18 year ace Certified Independent Personal trainer I have had the pleasure of working with clients of all ages and fitness levels. My instruction and guidance through your personalized workout plan encourage and motivates you to keep exercising. A sense of accomplishment, reduces stress and improves sleep. Make exercise and healthy eating a habit. Do not wait start today.