"I have not exercised for years and Katie's knowledge along with her endless effective program that is helping me reach my goals."

-Gail E. Hansville

"I had been working out on my own for years but could not achieve the balance between fitness and nutrition. Katie has created a program that actually shortened my workouts with greater results. She created a balance between the workouts and nutrition that was energizing. I have enjoyed working with Katie the workouts she customized to my particular physiology were effective and fun."

                                - Laurie L.Kingston

"Katie really understands the whole person, both body mechanics and personal fitness struggles. Her many years of experience as a trainer give her insight into each clients needs, both in the beginning and as they progress. She is friendly and professional, a true partner in my personal fitness goals."

-Debra A. Poulsbo

Katie's knowledge and expertise are assets to my health. Under
Katie's expert guidance and encouragement my blood pressure
and cholesterol levels have decreased while my strength and confidence
increased. Katie is an intelligent professional who can improve anybody's fitness level.


- Gina, Kitsap

"A Personal Trainer who takes a middle-aged woman and brings her tired, inactive body back to a state she can be proud of is a true find. Katie has provided me with the self-confidence to get my body back in shape for the activities I love. She is a happy, energized, well-informed teacher. I am so lucky to have found her. "

                                -Cris B. Bainbridge Island