2 Times Per Week

For Clients who also Workout on their own

  • 2 sessions with Katie Per Week
  • 16 sessions
  • $40.00 Per Session

3 Times Per Week

Most Popular Package

  • 3 sessions with Katie Per Week
  • 24 Sessions
  • $35.00 Per Session

4 Times Per Week

For the Motivated

  • 4 sessions with Katie Per Week
  • 32 Sessions
  • $35.00 Per Session

One Hour


  • At Katie's Studio or SKYPE
  • One Hour Training

One Hour in Your Home


  • In Your Home
  • One Hour Session
  • * Travel Fees May Apply

Gym Consultation


  • Have Your Own In-Home Gym?
  • 2 One Hour In Your Home Consultations
  • Fitness Plan to Get you Started

Individual Fees


  • Fitness Assessment $20
  • Body Composition $40
  • Muscle Imbalance Testing $20
  • Fitness Plan $45
  • Consultation and Testing Fee $60

Is there a setup or consultation fee?

Only for 8 week packages. This fee is $60 and is separate from the 8 week training fees and does not count as a training session. In this initial visit you will be given a fitness assessment, body composition, and muscle imbalance testing as well as consultation on your goals and overall fitness.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

No, there is no initial payment to contact me. Payment is due on your initial visit. I do not take credit cards, its cash or check. Let me know if this is a problem and we can make arrangements for payment through PayPal.

What is a Fitness Plan?

The Fitness Plan is written especially for you by Katie that comes complete with easy to understand diagrams, goal sheets and more in a easy to use 3 ring binder.


Why use the 8 week program?

This is your best bet for getting fit. Fitness takes time and requires a commitment. The package is 8 weeks of personal Training services with Katie including weekly sessions in her studio in Poulsbo. Your best value for getting fit.

What are the 8 week package policies?

All training sessions must be completed in the 8 weeks, you can not carry over training sessions. I will make every attempt to get all of your training in before the package ends. Things happen, clients get sick, family emergencies and more but keeping you on track is my main goal.

What is my payment policy?

All clients must be paid in full prior to any training sessions.

What is the payment plan?

The payment plan is only available on the 8 week program. The total is divided into 2 payments. The first payment is due on or before your first visit and is 60% of the total. The second payment is due on your last visit prior to the start of the next 4 weeks of training. If for any reason you end your training without completing all sessions there are no refunds.

What is involved in the consultation and testing visit?

This One hour session whether part of the 8 week program or as an individual visit is the best way to evaluate your overall health and begin training. The visit includes a fitness assessment, body composition, and muscle imbalance testing as well as consultation on your goals and overall fitness to get you started.

What is a training session?

A training session is a One-on-one meeting with Katie including instruction and guidance through your personalized workout plan. Each session lasts one hour. Training sessions can be physical training like using weights or can be a counseling session such as nutrition and diet.