Imagine that a new wonder drug has been created. It will help prevent illness and disease including cancer. It will help you lose excess weight

and keep it off. It will make you look and feel younger. It will give you energy and increase your self-esteem. It will reduce stress, fight depression and anxiety, and your mood will be up lifted. Your posture, flexibility, will improve and you will be stronger and healthier. And help you sleep better.

Imagine this drug did not cost you a dime you can take it once a day and see results within two weeks.

Sounds pretty amazing, don't you think?

Would you take it?

You can start taking this miracle drug today. It's called EXERCISE.

The most important thing you can do to age successfully is regular exercise.

Even in moderate amounts regular exercise can help you enjoy life and avoid diseases.

Sadly most people do not exercise. According to a 1996 report from the U.S. Surgeon General titled Physical Activity and Health, more than 60 percent of American adults are not active on a regular basis. Twenty five percent of adults are not active at all. Half of the young people in the U.S. ages 12-21 are not getting enough regular exercise.

Americans are out of shape. Without regular exercise our bodies do not function efficiently.

The price they pay for this in activity is arterial scleroses, high blood pressure, and muscle weakening with each inactive day. Americans are more vulnerable to all kinds of disease and illness all because of inactivity. Over 1 million people in the United States die of cardiovascular diseases every year. This is just a few things the list goes on and on.

You can be one of the people that reverse the trend. Physical activity is almost any activity that gets your heart rate up. Racking leaves, washing your car, gardening, dancing, walking, swimming and biking to name a few. If you are getting 30 minutes a day now great, try adding one more mile to your evening walk or take the stairs instead of the elevator. The more you exercise the more benefit you get.

Exercise is an equal opportunity activity. Young or old the more you move the more you can move. Use it or lose it. Sounds easy enough, if you do not stay active by getting some form of exercise everyday you will pay the price with your health. By hiring a certified person fitness trainer you can learn how to lift weights safely and how to use your time wisely with the most health benefits from your workouts.

Enjoy the absence of illness. It is not inevitable that in the process of aging you will become ill. It is not true. Inactivity is a result in many instances of illnesses not just getting older. It means that with exercise you can counter many of the negative effects of aging and inactivity, such as osteoporosis, heart disease and arthritis. Regular exercise decreases the chance of illness or death from all the causes and even reduces anxiety and depression.

When you commit yourself to a regular exercise program you are giving yourself the gift of fitness, health and well being. You will look better, feel better have more strength and be able to live longer. Your life will change. Start moving today, do it for you.