You have decided on a fitness plan, set reasonable attainable goals and equipped yourself with the right equipment. you're ready to go right?

Starting and sticking with a fitness plan takes dedication, and commitment.

If you are not in the habit of exercising you will be committing yourself to changing old habits and behaviors. Fitness is a journey not a destination. It takes time and energy to achieve your goals one day at a time.

For some people getting started is the biggest step for others it is being consistent. Finding time in your schedule for regular physical activity is a challenge for everyone. Colds, flu, bad weather and travel can affect your exercise routine.

A Life long commitment to physical activity and good health is the best chance of success. Staying on track with your workout and the time it takes to complete it keeps you moving forward.

Motivation is a huge part on getting and staying fit, happy and strong.

Understanding what motivates us is the key to helping ourselves. Hum, what motivates you? External motivations- like new clothes, weight loss, or a pair of shoes? Internal motivations- because you enjoy the activity, you look and feel better and you become more healthy. Encouragement and support from family and friends also help you to stick to your exercise plan.

Getting started on an exercise plan is the hardest part for most people. You may have a Thousand excuses why you're not exercising. Just to busy, no time for new activities. Your family and friends want what little free time you have. Many people have started in the same place, with the same excuses and the same busy life, and pressure. It's possible to change the beliefs that are keeping you stuck in your box and away from what you truly want to do.

Following these steps will help you come up with an action plan for change.

1. Take time to recognize what does or does not motivate you. Think about your past exercising and what behaviors you want to change. Remind yourself there are many payoffs in physical activity.

2. Ask for support from family and friends. Unfortunately not all people will want you to succeed in becoming more active. Find a positive way to respond to non-supportive people, work on developing friendships with active people, such as Mountain bike or hiking club.

3. Focus on one step at a time. Set realistic, attainable goals, be specific and clear. For example if your garage is so full of stuff you can no longer open your garage door your first step is deciding that you want your car back into the garage. So your long term goal is cleaning a space big enough to fit your car.

Short term goals will be to start in one corner of the garage and clean just that one space. Then you take one more step and clean one more section.

So now you see how one step at a time is not so over whelming and you get the job done. Put this example into exercise terms long term and short term goals. It is important to evaluate your goals once you're under way. As you complete your goals you set new long term and short term goals. By doing this you are constantly moving in a forward direction.

4. Keeping track of you progress: Keeping a record of your workouts and goals is great way to reinforce your new habit, feel good about what you've accomplished and help set your goals for the future. Try to re-evaluate your progress every few weeks, especially at the beginning of your fitness program.

5. Reward yourself: Positive internal dialog will continue to build your feelings of accomplishment, self-esteem and control your behavior. External rewards are nice to. When you reach a long range goal treat yourself to a new pair of cycling gloves or cool something you have been wanting.

Tips for staying motivated

1.    Start slowly

2.    Make a commitment

3.    Choose activities you enjoy

4.    Choose the activities that fit you

5.    Learn to be disciplined

6.    Schedule  your workouts into your day and week

7.    Positive internal take

8.    Acknowledge you transformation

9.    Be patient and flexible with yourself

10.           Keep an exercise log

11.           Keep moving forward

I hope this helps you to be motivated, healthy, and happy.

                            Katie Savage

                                   Certified Personal Trainer